Environmental quality is the current global concern.
nanoYo is the pioneer on new stage of Nanotechnology,
reintegration of molecular-molecular composition.

nanoYo, in this super-small state, exhibit unusual properties and
carry super powerful photocatalystic effects.

Thus, while whole new industries arising from the application of nanoYo have been developed.
nanoYo, special properties are still being explored in new dimension of human life.

  • nanoYo super properties
  • Self-sanitizing
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-virus
  • Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Deodorant
  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy-cleaning
  • Water purification
  • Long lasting
  • Pure Titanium Dioxide
  • No chemical binder
  • Water based and natural mineral
  • Transparent, environmental friendly

nanoYo, a clear liquid containing super fine particle of Titanium Dioxide,
was developed in Japan and now marketed all over the world.

nanoYo, super powerful Photocatalyst, is activated by any kind of light and produces super strong oxidative
property on its surface. The surface decomposes and removes any kind of harmful organic chemical substances, virus,
bacteria, mold touching it by contact.

nanoYo is utilized to create our natural safety shield on any surface of our life.
nanoYo is environmental friendly, keep air freshness and protect surface bio contamination.

Photocatalyst is a reaction which transfer light energy to chemical reaction energy and activate a substance which
modifies the rate of a chemical reaction without being involved itself.
nanoYo, Super fine particle Titanium Dioxide, provides a continuous cleaning of environmental bio- or organic chemical
burden without human intervention.

nanoYo, Super Fine Particle Titanium Dioxide, attains self-binding function by the size of 2 nanometer and it does not
require the use of any chemical binder.
nanoYo is water base and can apply any kind of surface without any restriction and put into practical use in different
fields of daily life, construction, civil engineering, public transportation, agriculture, food and many other industries.

We believe that nanoYo shall play a very important role in retaining sustainable development of society to improve our overall
environment and life conditions and to save energy consumption.

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